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Throughout the entire planning and production of the event, we focus on the circularity of materials used, minimizing waste and emissions, and supporting local economies.

From the very first time we sit down with a client, we start with a free sustainability consultation. This means, from the very beginning, we set the tone for an event that will be beautifully put together and kind to our planet. We are giving people a reason to feel good about gathering.

Here are a few of the ways we weave an eco-friendly thread through the plan:

  • No single-use plastics

  • Rethinking materials-use

  • Encouraging biodegradable alternatives

  • Lowering carbon footprints

  • Supplying local products & food

  • Working with other green businesses

  • Encouraging leftover food & flower donations

  • Managing a compost & recycling system

Wherever you are in your sustainability journey – our expertise can help guide you in

crafting your dream event.

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Building a circular economy is a key step towards a more sustainable world. This is why we operate within this circular model.


The question we start with is - how can we accomplish the vision by being as minimalist and non-harming as possible? By rethinking the use of materials and offering affordable eco-alternatives, we make it easy for the client to make greener choices.


By utilizing our local partnerships, we also offer guidance when choosing vendors. 


The final step we take is making sure we close the gap through responsible waste management. At every event, we offer an optional waste area that separates compostable, recyclable, and landfill materials.

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