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We met while working as scuba diving professionals on the island of Kaua’i, Hawaii. Having experienced amazement and sometimes sadness underwater, we have seen the impacts of climate change on our reefs.


After our Hawaiian adventures, we both made North Carolina our home. Once we realized we shared an excitement for event planning, becoming partners was a no-brainer. Our combined experience in hospitality and event planning, coupled with our passion for helping people gather intentionally, led to the creation of Green Wave Events.

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Claire brings an eccentric skill set to the table. After graduating from the University of South Carolina with a business degree, she worked in varying industries including Insurance, Hospitality, Event Planning and Recreational Scuba Diving. Her career path has fine-tuned her skills in hospitality management, communication, risk management and working under pressure (no pun intended ).

She has a fresh perspective on the endless possibilities of event design. She is particularly great at incorporating natural elements into the event experience. Claire’s attention to detail, friendly nature and creative thinking shine, within her work. 

Funky Fun Fact - Claire’s socks rarely match.

Danielle walks into every project with a creative mindset, a strong work ethic, and a positive presence. Her experience in the events space started when she founded her nonprofit and organized major fundraisers for over 500 attendees. She then went on to run World Creativity & Innovation Week, an international organization which hosted events around the world including a week-long festival Danielle organized and executed that brought in over 5,000 people.


After earning her degree in Entrepreneurship and Graphic Design from Miami University of Ohio, Danielle took a year to travel. During this time, Danielle got to fully delve into her passion for diving. Starting in Belize and eventually ending up in Kaua'i,  "Divemaster Dani" got to call the ocean her office and actively grow her love for saving the planet.  

Funky Fun Fact - The first piece of furniture Danielle purchased for her apartment was a massive, classroom-sized whiteboard.

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