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Hi there!


Welcome to the Green Wave Events blog page.


As this is our first blog post, I’d first like to introduce myself.

My name is Claire Madden. I am the co-founder and Chief

Sustainability Officer of Green Wave Events, LLC.


This online space has been built for the community.

As a part of our online presence, we wanted to devote a

platform where we can share, educate and inspire people

on how to live more in tune with nature.


As someone who has felt climate anxiety before, I know how easy it is to become fixated on the disheartening environmental news. I believe positivity has much more pull than getting stuck in the mud of, “there’s no hope.” We still have the ability to make change!


Mother nature has an abundant amount of resiliency. Although I have seen sea turtles wrapped up in fishing line, I have also seen divers help by cutting them free. I have walked beaches covered in plastic, yet I have also participated in river and ocean cleanups. I have witnessed coral reefs after a mass bleaching event, yet I have also been a part of coral restoration efforts at those same dive sites. The point I am trying to make here is even our little daily decisions – where we put our dollar, the conversations we are having, the ways we are showing up in our community – all matter when it comes to climate action.


No matter how far away from the ocean you live, the way you live your life can be an integral part of saving it. Our ocean is our lungs, the largest carbon sink on Earth, and the most beautiful mystery, that needs protection.


We hope this platform serves you however you may need… Tips to make your home non-toxic, plastic-free and organic? Advice on how to gather more sustainably? News about environmental heroes not usually featured on mainstream media? We have you covered!


As we start our blogging journey, we encourage you to reach out and share if there are specific topics you would like to learn more about! Let this be a conversation for positive change.


Stay well,


Claire Madden



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